Rationality - Review Extracts

Rationality - Review Extracts

"A clear guide to a compelling subject." - Harvard Magazine, January-February 2022

"Spiky, witty and invigorating." - James Marriott and James McConnachie, The Times (UK), 27 November, 2021

"[Pinker] contends that humans think together better than they think separately, and the implication is clear: If we improve the teaching of rationality and critical thinking, we will continue to improve society. “Rationality” will improve your own critical thinking – pass it on." - Steve Donaghue, The Cristian Science Monitor, 28 October, 2021

"As with all of his books, this one is erudite, lucid, funny and dense with fascinating material. His characteristic brew of Yiddish jokes, brainy comics and incisive argumentation is a pleasure to read, even when the subjects are technical and mathematical. It's no small achievement to make formal logic, game theory, statistics and Bayesian reasoning delightful topics full of charm and relevance." - Nick Romeo, The Washington Post, 08 October, 2021

"An engaging analysis of the highest of our faculties and perhaps (ironically) the least understood." - Andrew Stark, The Wall Street Journal, 01 October, 2021

"A fun, fast-paced book — Pinker, as always, is a lucid writer and a wise one. And he explains tricky concepts simply and well. ... thoughtful, intelligent and correct." - Tom Chivers, The Times (UK), 30 September 2021

"Will the muddled, twittering, unscientific, philosophy-resistant planet go crazy for Rationality? Call me irrational, but I truly hope so." - Andrew Billen, The Times (UK), 22 September 2021

"An impassioned and zippy introduction to the tools of rational thought... Punchy, funny, and invigorating." - Victoria Jones, The Times, 12 September 2021

"Punchy, funny and invigorating... Pinker is the high priest of rationalism." - James McConnachie, The Times, 12 September 2021

"Almost every sentence in Rationality is crisp and intelligible, which is quite a feat, given that explaining logic to humans is like teaching them Sanskrit" - Simon Kuper, The New Statesman, 15 September 2021

"Steven Pinker is among the best science writers in history, and with Rationality he applies his talents to one of the most important and misunderstood human abilities — tracking reality with a brain that was designed to do so under some circumstances but not others. If you've ever considered taking drugs to make yourself smarter, read Rationality instead. It's cheaper, more entertaining, and more effective." - Jonathan Haidt, NYU-Stern School of Business

"Rationality is a terrific book, much-needed for our time. In addition to drawing together the tools for overcoming obstacles to rational thinking, Pinker breaks new ground with the evidence he provides linking rationality and moral progress." - Peter Singer

“A reader-friendly primer in better thinking through the cultivation of that rarest of rarities: a sound argument.” - Kirkus

“He manages to be scrupulously rigorous yet steadily accessible and entertaining…The result is both a celebration of humans’ ability to make things better with careful thinking and a penetrating rebuke to muddleheadedness.” - Publishers Weekly