Interviews and Adaptations by the Author

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"Hail the Noble Savage!" By Noa Limone, Haaretz

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"A History of Violence" By Steven Pinker, Edge Master Class 2011

"Steven Pinker on the Decline of Violence & "The Better Angels of Our Nature"" By Ronald Bailey,

"Taming the devil within us" By Steven Pinker, Nature

"If I ruled the world: Steven Pinker" By Steven Pinker, Prospect MagazineUK

"Mind Reading: Steven Pinker's case for why the world is heading toward peace" By Maia Szalavitz, Time Magazine

"Steven Pinker: fighting talk from the prophet of peace" By John Naughton, The Guardian and ObserverUK

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"Schockierend gute Neugkeiten" By Christoph Lenz, Christopher Lenz in Der Bund, Germany

"Schockierend gute Neugkeiten" By Christoph Lenz, christoph_lenz_ges_wissen_0.pdf Germany

"Die Welt wird besser" By Steven Pinker, Die Weltwoche , Switzerland